ANDRA OFFSHORE was formed in December 2011 as a consulting company for the Oil & Gas sector relying on 30 years of experience in the field in the Far East, Middle East, Africa and Europe. A branch company ANDRA MIDDLE EAST OIL FIELD SERVICES and MAINTENANCE was formed in November 2015 in Abu Dhabi, UAE to cater to clients in the region. The range of services which are provided to its clients range from pre-qualification with major oil companies, technical and commercial assistance with ITT’s, project management for contracts awarded, provision of diving, inspection, marine and ROV personnel.

ANDRA OFFSHORE relies on a consolidated database of HR’s ranging from dive superintendents, dive supervisors, ROV supervisors, saturation divers, air divers, Vessel Masters, ETO's, Chief Engineers, Second Engineers, Quality managers, HSE managers, and technical managers worldwide.

Company Registrations

Company incorporated in Singapore on 02/12/2011
Registration Number – 201134774C
Company Type: Limited Exempt Private Company

Company incorporated in Abu Dhabi on 29/11/2015
Registration Number - CN-2052730
Company Type: Limited Liability Company

Quality Policy

ANDRA's main philosophy is that Quality shall be given the highest priority during planning and implementation of the work. Therefore it is of great importance to establish good working procedures and solid practices.

ANDRA is committed to :
- Excellent quality of service vital to the existence, growth and profitability of the Company.
- Continuous improvement, development, implementation and maintenance of the QUALITY system to comply with the relevant requirement of the ISO 9000, 14000, 18000 Series Code of Quality Practice.
- “Right First Time – Every time” is ANDRA’s quality motto, and all employees are required to be constantly aware of this theme and its application to their tasks.
- “Employee Involvement” is a fundamental aspect of the practical and meaningful implementation of the system in order to achieve ANDRA’s primary objectives within quality, health, safety and environment.
- “Motivation” on all levels within the organization to ensure good quality and satisfied customers.

HSE Policy

ANDRA’s main philosophy is that health, safety and environment shall be given highest priority during planning and implementation of the work, therefore it is of great importance to establish good working procedures and solid
practices. No operation is so important that it cannot be carried out safely and with due care and attention; consequently, ANDRA is committed to ensure:
- No accidents, damage or loss
- Protection to human lives, health and environment, property and equipment
- Knowledge and information.