Learn more about our main sectors of activity:


Diving activities performed by Andra Personnel:
• Installation works: (spool installation, risers, tie ins on pipelines,
  flexible hose installation, PLEM installation, pre-commissioning
  including pigging and leak tests)
• Inspection, Repair & Maintenance (IRM) of existing pipelines and
  platform infrastructures, including extensive NDT campaigns,
  interventions for
   ◦ pipeline repairs (including hot-tapping and spool tie-ins)
   ◦ Wellhead interventions (including well abandonment)
   ◦ Pipeline Protection (mattressing and grouting)
   ◦ Platform Repair (Ultra High Performance Concrete Structure
      Repair UHPC)
   ◦ Inspection – (GVI – General Visual Inspection, CVI – Close
      Visual Inspection, MPI – Magnetic Partical Inspection


ROV services personnel provide the following with appropriate toolings:
  GVI - General Visual Inspection
  CVI - Close Visual Inspection
  CP - Cathodic Profile
  MPI - Magnetic ParticaI Inspection
  ACFM - Alternative Current Field Measurement
  FMD - Flooded Member Detection
  Ultra Sound Thickness
  Scour survey
  Dimensional Control Measurement
  Permanent Reference Cells Survey
  Replacement of Anodes
  Marine Growth Removal
  Debris Removal
  Repair of Free-span of Sea lines
  Exposure of Buried Sea lines
All data management is handled by advanced fit for purpose software.


ROV Pipeline and Platform Inspection Data Processing Turnkey Project Contracting:
We take over turnkey data processing jobs in offshore pipeline and platform inspection projects. We provide the software, hardware and our highly qualified personnel that handle eventing, digital video encoding, data logging, processing, charting and final reporting tasks.
ROV Pipeline and Platform Inspection personnel
We provide highly qualified personnel that handle eventing, digital video encoding, data logging, processing, charting and final reporting tasks.
Technical Training:
A comprehensive training package to customer staff to ensure they rapidly reach proficiency on the Software suite and take full advantage of the software capability.
Customization, Data Migration and Data Entry:
Helping our customers by making their systems up and running in the least possible time. We provide data entry and migration services to ensure a smooth operation.


Provision of qualified Officers and crew for diving support vessels and ROV vessels. Our objective is to ensure that crew are:
  - Properly assessed for competency in the field of diving and ROV
  - STCW requirements are in place
  - Mobilized and demobilized efficiently and safely
Andra Offshore Services’ policy is to recruit certified crew who are experienced, and medically fit appropriate for diving and ROV operations.

Andra Services provides:
  Crew payroll arrangements
  Crew Insurance
  Travel Plans


ANDRA’s main philosophy is that health, safety and environment shall be given highest priority during planning and implementation of the work, therefore it is of great importance to establish good working procedures and solid practices. No operation is so important that it cannot be carried out safely and with due care and attention; consequently, ANDRA is committed to ensure:
  - No accidents, damage or loss
  - Protection to human lives, health and environment, property and equipment
  - Knowledge and information.
ANDRA achieves these objectives by the following actions:
  - Compliance AT ALL TIMES with all applicable laws and regulations in the working area and with relevant Legislation, Codes, Guidelines and Standards provided by International Organizations (IMCA, IMO, SOLAS, ISO, etc.)
  - A pro-active attitude by all personnel in taking responsibility for their own health and safety and that of others, as well as in protecting the environment
  - Training of personnel and adoption of proper HSE standards to the highest standards of HSE awareness .